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Conflict Repair

Getting comfortable with Conflict Repair is the key ingredient in becoming a Master Conflict Alchemist

Image by Brett Jordan

When you are in conflict, you are stuck, there is an inability to move forward and solve problems.  


A conflict resolution is when all parties are motivated to move past this point of stuckness and are willing to do the work of coming up with a plan to move forward.

Conflict-resilience provides you with the freedom that comes with knowing you can tackle the hard conversations. You have the skills and the confidence to work on challenges in interpersonal conversations.  Conflict resilience means you don’t have to be paralyzed with your pain.  It means you have the skills to stay in the room when conflict arises. Repairing conflicts is always about repairing harm.  

Are you willing to do what it takes to repair relationships that are broken, or workplace dynamics that no longer serve you?  Are you ready to listen to your body’s wisdom demanding you to do something differently?

Repairing conflict is not easy.  It requires practice, training, skill and resilience.  You need a hand.

Unresolved conflicts within your home can bring up very painful triggers that you are not even aware you had.  It quickly can become about positions, about right and wrong, good and bad, bully and victim.  When you are at a point of firmly held positions, it can be difficult to find a way out of the conflict.


This can lead to:
•    Divorce or separation
•    Dysfunctional communication practices passed on from adults to children in the household
•    Impaired health and cognitive outcomes
•    Unhappiness


Unresolved conflicts at work directly impact workplace culture and this can lead to a toxic workplace where employees, managers and decision makers find large amounts of their energy consumed with self-protection and preservation.


This can lead to:
•    Decreased work output 
•    Culture of mistrust and suspiciousness
•    Increased absenteeism
•    Decrease in risk taking and innovation


Unresolved conflicts at work and at home directly impact both environments.  Especially now, as workplace and home life become more blurred as more and more individuals work from home, it is vital that you learn how to manage your conflicts.


This can lead to:
•    Poor communication skills 
•    Lack of respect for others
•    Decreased loyalty both at work and at home
•    Lower self esteem


CreativeEdge helps leaders, executives and managers build skillsets that help them work with clients, partners and employees with integrity. 

CreativeEdge helps Human Resource Teams build conflict resilience for their employees and key managers. 

CreativeEdge helps parents, spouses, and families address conflict using strategies that build trust, connection and growth.  

CreativeEdge helps teams and workplace communities that have the skill and responsibility to manage both inner and outer conflict with confidence saving you thousands in both time and money.

The great news is that conflict alchemy works everywhere.  When you are able to manage your internal conflict, the strategies work at home and in the workplace.  When you are able to address difficult conversations with the long game in mind, you can address conflicts at home and in the workplace. 

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Find out how you can become an expert at managing conflict so that you can focus on life-long peace of mind.

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