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More About Dr. Emi Garzitto

I have studied and worked with conflict for over 27 years. My desire is to help communities find ways to use conflict as a tool for transformation.

My Phd focused on how to help create conditions for communities to “Just Get Along”. I passionately believe when we have the personal skills to solve our discomforts, we change ourselves, our homes, our work and our world.

I grew up in East Vancouver, in the heart of the “Little Italy” neighbourhood. Hard work, church, family and following the rules where the important values of the community. 

As I grew older, I become more interested in how we help people, ‘do the right thing’ without relying on punishment, fear or shame. I wondered if there was a way to ‘do the right thing’ through joy rather than through suffering.

As a high school teacher, vice principle and counsellor, I was curious as to how we could help teach and learn ‘how to get along’. I have been pursuing this preoccupation first, by getting my Master’s degree and eventually completing my PhD.

My preoccupation has led me to understand that the more we put these conflict tools in the hands of everyone, the more empowered our workplaces, our homes and our bodies become.  The ability to take care of your discomforts both internal and external, empower you to do what you love.  It is a way to minimize the friction in your relationships, in your workplace and in your personal life.  A community of conflict alchemists creates efficiency.

It is this confidence and efficiency that allows workplace communities to get good at navigating change, challenge and setbacks.

It is my goal to help as many people as I can to become expert conflict alchemist so that we can go about using our energies doing what we love with the people we love.

Want to Hear More?

Find out how you can become an expert at managing conflict so that you can focus on life-long peace of mind.

Creative Edge is my way of helping communities 'do the right thing' through joy!

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