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How Would You Like to Begin Your Conflict Alchemy Journey?

You can start with 1:1 Sessions, Conflict Alchemy Workshops or by reading more information.

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1:1 Sessions

I help you build conflict resilience in your workplace and in your home. How would it feel to know that everyone on your team has the ability to manage personal discomfort as well as peer to peer discomfort?

Become a Conflict Alchemist

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Find out how you can learn the basic tenants of conflict alchemy in 3 online workshops.


More Products

Find out how to help you and the people around you in moments of crisis.  Get a FREE download of the Conflict Alchemist in Training Workbook by clicking on the link below:

  • Who hires Creative Edge?
    Anyone who wants to get better at managing their conflict, increasing personal conflict resilience. I help anyone personally and confidentially including executives, employees or someone struggling to manage team dynamics. I also train teams and workplace communities the skills to address and manage inner and outer conflictsTo add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What if I am not sure you are what I need?
    No problem. The process always begins with a 30-minute free consultation. In that conversation we have an opportunity to explore your concerns and then I will meet with you a second time to provide you with two options for you to consider
  • Why would I hire you instead of a mediator?
    Good question! I do not specifically mediate a conflict. Instead, what I do, is help you or your organization work through your conflict by providing you the strategies and techniques to manage your personal inner conflict. At the same time, I provide you with the strategies and techniques to manage external conflicts. In addition, I help you build a workplace culture where all members are trained, then expected to take care of both inner and outer conflicts.
  • What if the conflict already happened?
    I work with clients, regardless of where they are in the conflict phase. In fact, most of my clients come after the client is so uncomfortable, they cannot move forward, or have already incurred great cost both in time and finances to an organization. I can work with you where you are at!
  • What if someone doesn’t want to resolve the conflict or doesn’t think there is a problem?
    I work with people and organizations who want to make a change. It is often the case that one individual or a group of individuals are suffering as a result of someone’s difficult behaviour. In this case I will work with the individuals who want to make a change. It is not uncommon for the individual with the challenging behaviour to then choose to get some support.
  • How do you know if you are in conflict?
    Well, usually, you are aware because you have an uncomfortable feeling - you are angry, guilty, upset frightened or in pain. Your uncomfortable feelings usually tell you that you have a conflict. If you do not do a great job of listening to your uncomfortable feelings, your body will tell you with your chronic pain that there is some conflict that needs your attention. ​ Sometimes you know you are in conflict because all the people around you are in pain. You are fine, and you think everything is fine, but your employees are upset or don’t stay long, and everyone around you has a problem doing things the right way. ​ Or sometimes you are fine at work, but your personal life is taking a beating. You find you cannot stay in a relationship for long because you keep picking the bad apples. Or no one in your family is listening to you because they are all crazy. ​​ Either way, you know you are in conflict when your discomfort or the discomfort of the people around you get in the way of you moving forward.
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