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Dr. Garzitto is an expert conflict coach. Her unique strategies gave me the skills, and the practice to level up my communication skills. She provided a safe and confident space to learn and then implement clear approaches that focused on positive outcomes and respectful dialogue in a difficult situation that I had with a colleague, who I had been struggling with! She provided me with the courage to engage in. Her approach is both professional and playful – two qualities that come in handy when working with conflict!

Kim Chernecki

CEO & Founder, RainMaker Tech Start Up

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Find out how you can become an expert at managing conflict so that you can focus on life-long peace of mind.      

Dr. Emi Garzitto brings a balance of empathy and neuroscience in her approach to conflict resolution. She breaks down the “fluffiness” around coaching to deliver evidence-based best practices in a succinct manner that is appealing to managers. Emi infuses role play in her practice to challenge employees with experiencing real-life scenarios while still providing a safe and feedback focused environment to learn and improve.

Wendy Pat Fong
7Geese – Chief of Staff

I had the pleasure of meeting Emi through a Board and Staff workshop wherein she enlightened us all with her conflict alchemist philosophy. She taught us the benefits of healthy conflict and how we have the power within ourselves to transform negative connotations around conflict and learn and grow through our ability to be present.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and asked Emi to present to a wider audience of not for profits struggling with new ways of communicating with staff, colleagues and clients during these unprecedented times. Emi facilitated a conversation with 38 representatives from the not-for-profit sector and within an hour a half provided the group with strategies and tactics to help common communication challenges all well doing so with integrity, humor and data informed strategies.  I cannot recommend Emi enough!

Kristi Rintoul

Director of Community Impact United Way Thompson, Nicola, Cariboo

Emi facilitated a workshop on conflict management strategies for the CPHR FV Mentoring Program participants. She is very knowledgeable in her work and has an energetic personality. Her strong passion for what she does came through and energized the group. She drew conversation from the attendees, which made it a better learning experience for all. She incorporated role-play scenarios, making it more fun and a great approach for applying and retaining the information. We enjoyed learning from Emi and will definitely bring her back for another workshop. 

Nikki Mascarenhas

Mentoring Committee Chair, CPHR Fraser Valley

I have worked with Emi in delivering a mental health workshop as well as have experienced personal breakthroughs by benefitted from her insight during personal coaching sessions. Her unique knowledge of human behaviour, particularly conflict - albeit personal, situational or specific relationships - is extremely rare. She will enlighten your understanding of the mind/body connection during conflict and challenging relationships. This will provide you with a fresh perspective as well as practical skills and solutions to make a positive change in yourself and those around you!

Rochelle Morandini

Morandini Consulting

Dr. Emi Garzitto is an expert facilitator and presenter. She provides meaningful research in a manner that is easily understood and relevant to her audience. She is funny, relatable and entertaining. Dr. Garzitto provided great resources and ‘cheat notes’ that helped my students work with critical learning entry points.

Dr. Elisa Michals

Professor, California State University

Emi is a highly educated woman who speaks leading edge information to impact and transform individuals who hear her message. She js empathic, kind and authentic in her presentations to adhere to a deep human need we have to create intimacy and connection with uncomfortable conversations.I love her simple strategies and fun loving nature. She is a well-renowed speaker with a gift to impact the world with a new way forward.

My Beautiful Trauma is a practical guide written simply to encourage, support and guide the healing process for individuals who are recovering through crisis and ready to transform their lives. Emi’s suggestions, tools and exercises are easy and useful to follow and implement on a daily basis. In my field of coaching, training and education I have gained insight and knowledge to pass on to my clients and students. I have recommended and lent out my copy of the book with gratitude for her work. Her extensive knowledge on brain research, holistic practices and practicality drew my interest into treating the mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend this book with such a compassionate and understandable approach to personal growth, transformation and well-being. Thank you Emi for sharing your wisdom and intelligence.

Michelle Tremblay

Bully Prevention Trainer/ Keynote Speaker /Health & Wellness Coach

Emi is a talented and gifted holistic healer whose work has helped me understand myself and the relationships I have created. Her professional training allows her to assist clients on all levels with all problems. She has a unique way of looking at the body and seeing how we create energy patterns by the way we look at life and what we believe about ourselves. These thoughts and belief patterns show up in the physical body, in the mind and in the spirit. We are often completely unaware of what is going on behind the scenes in our lives and I have been fortunate to have Emi help me see what is really going on in my life. She helped me understand what changes needed to be made and corrected many of the imbalances she found. There is usually homework to support the balancing she has done and it must be done for optimal change to take place. I feel totally blessed to have her work on my body and have made many positive changes in my life due to the balancing work Emi has given me. It is best to have regular sessions to keep on top of life’s stresses and strains!

Ann Liden

Specialized Kinesiology Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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