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Your Beautiful Trauma: a practical guide to help you convert crisis into full scale transformation

Can your biggest traumas help you live your best life? Regardless of the crisis you want to manage – job, relationship, loss, death, health – this book puts a new spin on an age old problem, how do I survive this mess?  Is it even possible to come out ahead and thrive?

Using personal anecdotes and current brain research Dr. Garzitto both entertains and informs readers on the factors contributing to crisis such as family history, the neuroscience of emotion, cultural beliefs and personal limiting beliefs. This book is part of a new generation of self-help books integrating mind, body and spirit to heal our inner and outer landscapes.

Your Beautiful Trauma offers specific guidelines and exercises to help readers of all ages unravel the complicated, sometimes daunting, task of working through a crisis. You will discover the habits, behaviours and practices that have kept you stuck so that you can quickly shift in order to make clear decisions about the life you want to create.

This groundbreaking book will:

•    Provide tools and insights to convert your crisis into opportunity
•    Help you see the convoluted path that got you here so you can choose the straightest path to the life you want
•    Help you apply current brain research to understand what is happening in your body and mind
•    Give you the simple steps you can take to navigate any crisis and reach transformation
•    Encourage and support every step of the way


The Conflict Alchemists Training Workbook: tools to expertly solve conflicts and live a better life 

This training book offers a step-by-step guide to learning and understanding the role your conflicts have in helping you transform and heal your story.  The book offers worksheets, reflections and practical information to guide you to a better understanding of your conflicts.

Conflict Alchemist Training Workbook includes:
•    A breakdown of the skills to help you become a conflict alchemist
•    Key strategies to manage your inner conflict
•    Conflict Buster Worksheets-Using Your Conflict Patterns as a Tool for Transformation to dissect and reflect on personal conflicts 
•    Conflict Buster Feeling Chart 
•    Pattern Overview Worksheet

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