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Get the tools to expertly solve your conflicts at home and at work for lifelong peace of mind. Do you have a conflict you want to repair?

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In this 30-minutes confidential session I will outline powerful tools, proven strategies and understanding about the key conflicts and discomforts that bother you.

You choose the time. You choose what you share.

My name is Dr. Emi Garzitto, I am a Conflict Alchemist.
How would it feel to know that YOU have the ability to manage personal conflict as well as peer to peer conflict?

As a conflict facilitator and coach, I help you get the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that every single one of your employees has the skill and responsibility to solve their own problems, as they happen.


Published author of Your Beautiful Trauma – a practical guide to help you convert crisis into full scale transformation.


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Your Conflicts Are Expensive!
Become the Conflict Expert at Work and at Home.

Workplace conflict eats up 359 billion dollars a year in the US. It contributes 16.1 billion a year in employee absenteeism in Canada. 

63% of employees do not trust their leaders – The way an organization handles conflict directly impacts trust between management and employees.

Mental Health disorders such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder increase 22% after post-conflict situations.

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"An Expert Conflict Coach"

Dr. Garzitto's unique strategies gave me skills, and practice to level up my communication skills. She provided a safe and confident space to learn and implement clear approaches that focused on positive outcomes and respectful dialogue

"Rare Unique Knowledge"

Her unique knowledge of human behaviour, particularly conflict is extremely rare. She will enlighten your understanding of the mind/body connection during conflict and challenging relationships. 

"Empathy + Neuroscience"

Dr. Emi Garzitto breaks down the “fluffiness” around coaching to deliver evidence-based best practices in a succinct manner that is appealing to managers. brings a balance of empathy and neuroscience.


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