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Building a Dream With Dirt

A miracle is something impossible with an old story but possible with a new one” Charles Einenstein

On Monday night, I went to a talk given by Charles Einenstein, writer, philosopher and change agent. The over riding challenge that I hear from Einenstein, writer of Living in the New Economy, is to begin living your world simply.  A good life is possible but we have to think about "good" differently.

During a recent power outage, with a freezer full of carefully prepared meals, culled vegetables and made with love items, I suddenly begin to worry about losing my precious items. It gets me thinking, how do I protect my frozen assets?

My first fall/winter in Coquitlam with the constant steady deluge of rain, I think, with all the global water shortages and drought, there must be a better way inside our infratstructure to capture this liquid gold. Why can’t our homes and communities be better organized to use what we get for free?

I am at a conference and during the dinner break, I walk over to grab some sushi and start reading the Globe and Mail. I read an article about a zero carbon concept home  and this became the beginning of my new adventure.

The idea of making homes with recycled materials, and using natural resources – solar, wind and as a back up, natural gas, feels doable.   The architectural brainchild of Michael Reynolds these homes are designed to capture water and use it four times. The design utilizes solar and wind power as well as the structure of the home itself, to heat, cool and manage resource needs. Waste and sewage are managed within the system and the home is partially built with recycled resources such as cans and tires. The design also creates space to grow food both indoors and outdoors.

Carbon free, self sufficient homes, and by extension, carbon free self sufficient communities are doable.

What do we need to make this happen?

My big dream - and I know I have many - is to help answer that question and because I work in public schools that is where I am want to start.

I have a few pieces of the puzzle and I am going to start documenting this journey. Are you interested? Does this adventure somehow feel appealing to you?

This is my starting point. “A miracle is something impossible with an old story but possible with a new one,” says Charles Einenstein and starting new stories might begin with stuffing dirt inside old tires.

I am terribly excited to find out what happens next.


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