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Small Steps Big Changes

The benefits of including small focused interruptions in workplace culture

Building resilient workplace cultures is not complicated. It is simple but not easy and it requires staff to have multiple experiences to practice and build mental health skillsets.

Here is one activity that will help build that skillset. Our brain learns best with small tasks repeated over and over. When we are tired, or stuck, anxious or frustrated, our ability to get unstuck is about interrupting the pattern. Ask yourself:

What is one thing I can do to feel better now?

The focus should be on doing something small, simple and easy. It should be something that works for you. Examples could be:

· Close your eyes and take 3 slow breaths

· Look at a picture of a loved one, pet or place that brings you joy

· Take a 3 minute walk outside

· Connect with a loved one

· Read, doodle, write, color, knit, build or do something you love for 3 minutes

· Eat something very slowly and mindfully (especially crunchy)

Again, anything you can do to include this reminder in your workplace will help both you the workplace culture. Have everyone come up with their own top three things they can do to feel better and encourage 3 minute breaks where everyone gets to practice their tactics.

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